Elite Mobs Maps – Ruby and Sapphire Shard Drops

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Below are two maps of where you can find elite monsters to obtain Ruby and Sapphire shards from. The first map is for level 20 shards (Ruby), and the second map is for the level 30 shards (Sapphire). I hope this helps some people out. The locations are not exact, but in the general area. Also there are plenty more spots to find elite mobs. A general tip would be to change realms once you find an elite. This will save you a ton of time. I usually go from elite to elite grabbing herbs along the way.

Ruby Shard Locations

Sapphire Shard Drops

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2 Responses to Elite Mobs Maps – Ruby and Sapphire Shard Drops

  1. Forsakenplayer says:

    Great job! Indeed very helpful guide, thx.

  2. FW says:

    Awesome guide! all FW players thank you :D

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