Nightmare Carnival Guide and Walk Through

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Teleport from Freedom Harbor

So far one of the only ways we know of to gain coins (the only money traded between players and used to make a guild). You talk to the npc named Meid. You take a quest to turn in game tokens you get from the carnival. You can only turn in once a character, but you get another quest every 5 levels with more game token required and more coins received.

NOTE: I really should put in screenshots to make it less text heavy, I will once i get some

Event 1: The Poison Room


A simple mini-game where you cross a room without dying to the poison filling the room.

Before you start, talk to the npc in the corner close to where you start. This is important so that you take the quest for the event. If you don’t, you won’t get the exp and game tokens.

How to play:

So the only way to cross the room is staying on and following a blue healing ring that moves on its own. Basically you just follow it as it heals you from the poison damage.


If you lag too much to stay on the circle, you can have a male carry you (embrace option when you right click the selected player’s portrait).

After you get to the end, there will be another npc. Talk to this npc to complete the quest and get the exp and game tokens

Event 2: Simon Says Hit The Strawman


This mini-game is a bit weird at first, but once you do it, it’s generally simple. There are 6 strawmen placed in the room. Each are numbered 1,2,3. So there are 3 strawmen that you attack and 3 that the npc attacks. So if the npc directs you to attack what he attacks and he attacks strawman #2 on his side. Then you attack strawman #2 on the otherside of the room.

How to play:

First you talk to the npc in the room. The person who talks to the npc is the only one who should be attacking the strawmen. He will tell you to prepare the “skill name”. This skill is always your first mp costing attack (i.e. warrior uses bash)

He will then tell you the rule on what to do which could be any of the following:

“Do what I say.”

Self explanatory

“Do what I say, and do what I do.”

First only do what he does, not what he says. Sometimes he may not do anything so follow what he says then.

“Don’t do what I say, but don’t do nothing.”

Attack any strawman that isn’t the same as the one he is attacking

“Don’t do what I say or do, but don’t do nothing.”

Attack any strawman he doesn’t attack or say to attack (which means it could only be one strawman to attack)

WARNING: Make sure your first attack is the skill required, otherwise the npc will say you didn’t do it right.

So you follow his rule for # times. When it ends, someone else talks to npc to start it again. This continues until 3 people of the party have done it (You can repeat the game with the same person)


  • Put away your pets

Make sure you talk to the reward npc before heading to the next game

Event 3: Weighing Goblins: The Game…

Description: There are two colored circles. These are balances need to be the same weight as the npc says. The game consists of 10 successful rounds plus any failed rounds. Players will stand in the circle to add weight, kill goblins to take off weight, or leave it alone to keep the same weight(Players don’t always have to be in both circles).

How to play:


  • Dwarves weigh 1
  • Humans/Elves/Kindreds weigh 2
  • Stonemen weigh 3
  • Goblins weigh 1

The npc will announce a number and goblins will spawn on both circles. In a limited time, just balance to that number with the players and goblins you have.


  • Usually best to have certain people on one side and others on other side so there is less confusion on where to go
  • Just have one person kill the goblins on each side so you don’t accidently kill goblins you need

Make sure you talk to the reward npc before heading to the next game

Event 4: Collecting Antiques…

Description: You enter a large circular empty room with a npc in the middle. He starts to explain the “game”. Basically you have limited time to gather as many antiques as you can. All you do to gather is click on the antique items that spawn randomly around the room and you take time to pick it up. The npc eventually will start chasing players. He is rather slow and only chases one at a time. He will say the name of the player he is chasing in chat. In the beginning and when someone is caught, bug mobs will spawn and automatically attack nearby players. This will interrupt your gathering, but will die in one hit from any attack. Also if he catches you, he can cast different debuffs on you including a slow that lasts around 20 seconds. There is also a root he casts to makes you sit in place for about 5 seconds.


  • Its best to spread out so people can have room to grab the closest antiques without running into one another.
  • Bring out your pet and place the pet attack on your hotkeys. Spam tab and the hotkey so your pet can do the killing while you continue to gather antiques safetly.
  • Even if you are being chased by the npc, you can still grab antiques. You can make sharp turns when he starts heading towards you because the npc tends to go in a straight line to where you were. He then ends up pausing at where you were and he wastes less of your gathering time.
  • This where I say to have at least 4 or more members because the less people there are, the less antique spawns. With 3 people there were barely any antiques for all of us
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Glacial Priest Class Guide

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A glacial priest is the best kind of priest in terms of PvP. There is a slight difference between humans and elves. An elven glacial priest specializes in stuns, ensnares, and AoEing in GvGs. A human freezes instead of stunning. This guide will focus on the Glacial tree to further improve your offensive abilities instead of healing.

Human and Elven Differences

Human - Pray: removes sleep, silent, bind and stun status and becomes immune to such effects for 4 seconds + recovers 25% MP.

Elf - Natural Extraction: stuns target for 5 seconds + drains targets MP equal to 5% your MP(drains 6 times).

Human - Blessing of the Humans: increases all masteries by 5 + increases max HP by 1%.

Elf - Blessing of the Elves: increases all resistances by 5 + increases accuracy by 5 + increases max MP by 1%.

Talent Differences

Human - Realm of Ice: water attack skills have a chance to freeze(+15% per level) slowed targets for 3 seconds.

Elf - Devouring Stream: water attack skills have a chance to stun(+7% per level) slowed targets for 3 seconds.

Human - Severe Punishment: the MP loss caused by Divine Judgment is increased(+200 per level) per tick + deals damage equal to 30% of the MP loss on a slowed target.

Elf - Conviction: the MP loss caused by Divine Judgment is increased(+200 per level) per tick + ensnares a slowed target for 3 seconds.

Whats Better?

IMO, an elven priest has way more advantages than a human. The only skills you should be using while in Prayer of Frost is water skills; Frost Concentration and Holy Prayer – Enigma in a 1v1, and Ice Blade Strike in big wars. The stun is obviously better than freeze, and the stun effect activates the second you cast a slowing skill. Also an elven racial skill not only stuns the target, it can drain ALOT of mana from other players – i mean almost 100% and if not, your pet can do the rest.

Build Setup(Elf) lvl 70

Prayer of Frost is the skill that makes a glacial priest so powerful. During Prayer of Frost you should be able to spam Frost Concentration and Holy Prayer – Enigma in a 1v1, and Ice Blade Strike in big wars. The damage of those skills SKYROCKET. Wrinkling Water is one of the best talents you can have, as it increases the damage of your water skills and your heal by 1.5 times your water mastery. Lets say you have 700 water mastery, that will give you 1050 extra damage and 1050 heal effect.

Note: Light of Salvation talent is currently broken, whenever they fix it, transfer the points from


I DO NOT RECOMMEND GETTING SHARD SETS FOR A GLACIAL PRIEST. Your best bet is either sets that give water mastery, along with either attack, hp, or evasion OR crafted gears(the crafting bonus helps ALOT) that gives you critical rate, critical damage, water mastery, water attack, hp, or evasion attributes. Same attributes for identified stats.



Goldspark Gem – critical increase

Shattershard Gem – critical damage

Ragefire Gem – AP increase

Bloodstone Gem – HP increase


Eagle-eye Jade Gem – accuracy increase

Mist Shade Gem – evasion increase

Twilight Gem – crit dodge increase

Azure Cloud Gem (only use if lvl 3 or higher, for racial purposes) – MP increase


  1. Get HIGH water mastery, get a good off hand that gives you water mastery and a pet with Ocean Array(+60 water mastery), and make sure you have a warrior in your party for mastery buff.
  2. Activate Prayer of Frost before a pvp starts, during the count down timer.
  3. NEVER use Divine Strike during prayer of frost.
  4. Cast Ice Sealed Confession when Prayer of Frost ends.
  5. Only heal when you have 60% HP left.
  6. DON’T STAND IN 1 SPOT. Kite enemies and try to go the the direction where the orbs are.
  7. Save racial skill and Light of Sanctuary for whenever opponent gets red hand.

Easter Eggs

  1. The stun from Devouring Steam activates even before the slow is applied.
  2. Priests will get a light attack later end game that has AoE Mana Drain DOT from a skill scroll.


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Tomb of Glory Guide and Walk Through

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Healers and Tanks not needed, Soul Force skills can be used

Bring your own pots

Make sure to save some Soul Force skills for the last 2 waves of mobs before the last boss.

Once you enter the instance, make sure everyone is buffed up, run down the hall into the room, then gather in the middle of the room.

Wave 1 of mobs, clear them. only 1 person use soul force.

After the mobs are cleared you will encounter the first boss.

Wave 2 of mobs will come, at this point you can split into 2 groups of 3, one to the right and the other to the left. After they are cleared the 2nd boss will come.

Upon defeating the boss, Wave 3 of mobs will come charging in. At this point we had time to spare since we defeated the mobs pretty quickly.

Wave 4 mobs will come at your party from 3 sides, this is where you’ll want to have 2 people use soul force and make sure at least 3 people have soul force for Wave 5.

Wave 5 you will be hit from all 4 sides, this is where you can use up all of your soul force skills.

Then you will run into the last boss.


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Lighthouse Guide – Level 30 Instance

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Map of Light House


When you port in exit the door and take a diagonal to the right, and run to the farm. you can find an opening to avoid all the mobs to the farm but no worries, pulling 1 or 2 wont make a big difference.


Clear the mobs in the farm, don’t forget to kill the pirate gangs, they look like npcs, but they are not.


Up the hill you will be able to pull the boss down to the farm, this boss patrols up the path ahead, so you might have to wait a minute before the boss comes back down. Or you can fight the boss between the trees, up to you. He does an aoe attack that binds the use of skill attacks, but it doesn’t last very long.


Run down the path as indicated and hug the right wall.


you will see stairs ahead, run up the stairs, then jump off platform and run up the hill hugging the right side.



at the top of the hill you will see a rock to the left, get on the rock and move your character slowly to the tip of it, and the mobs will reset. Do not panic they will reset fast enough.



Jump down the rock hugging the right wall still and fighting your way through


Once you jump down for the second time there will be a cave to the right. fight your way through the cave until you reach the exit. there is only one way to go, it is impossible to get lost in there.


When you reach the exit take a right, hugging the right wall. At this point you will see a beack, there are high lvl agressive crabs along the beach, so it’s best to avoid the shore as much as possible.


you willrun into a hill, at this point there are two ways you can go, you can go straight and avoid all the mobs and just kill a seige weapon (Seige weapons shoot aoe cannons, when you see them you need to take them out, you can 1 hit them), or you can go left of the hill and fight your way to the island and pirate ship.



When the Island is cleared, you can start the boss. The boss does an aoe bleeding attack that does 100 dmg per tick and lasts 13 seconds, if you are not far enough away from the boss when 1 second is left he will cast it again giving you a second stack doing 200 dmg per tick and it will continue, so far i had up to 9 stacks on me doing 900 per tick. The way to avoid wiping, one person will tank the boss on one side of the island while the party stands on the plank doing ranged attacks, and depending on the person tanking once they get hit with the 3rd or 4th stack of bleed they run the other other side of the island or in a circle around the island until it wares off completely then jump right back on the boss and let the bleed stack up to 3 or 4. Sometime the tank will have to swim in the water for more distance away from the boss so it’s best the priest is at the bottom of the plank for more range. It’s also a good idea to tell your party not to spam attacks with the tank is running off the bleed.


After you kill the boss, you have the choice to skip an optional boss or go to the tower where the exit awaits. I will explain the optional part later.

Run along the beach taking out the seige weapons. make sure not to run to close to the water as there are agressive crab along the waterline. Run until you can see the tower face on, you will not have to fight the mobs, just push your toon through the door and through the elevator you will see to your left and all the mobs will reset.

fight your way up the stairs and clear the mobs on the roof of the tower. don’t forget the patrol that walks in and out of the room.

Once the roof is cleared you can pull the bosses out of the room infront without agroing the other mobs inside. You will want to kill the woman first make sure she is far away from the priest in your party if you have one, she has an pretty strong aoe attack. I also hear there is a way to pull one boss at a time. But if you bring pots there shouldn’t be a problem offtanking the second boss.

Now that you’ve killed the bosses, you wont need to clear any mobs, just run in the room up the stairs to the right, once you exit the room run up the stairs one more time and you will see a doorway and a set of stairs, run through the doorway and you will see an elevator to the right, push your toon through there and the mobs will reset.


This bos is fairly simple, he will spawn 2 mobs at a time, you don’t need to kill them, they will die on their own, just need to offtank them, when the boss spawns the 3rd mob, the 1st mob will always die. This boss also does a aoe water attack, but you can heal through it or pot through it, it’s not that strong. Make sure not to tank him near the elevator, as he will reset if you push through accidently.


Optional Boss Once you killed the Boss on the pirate ship, run south killing the seige weapons until you are against the wall, then run along the wall fighting your way to the cave entrance to the east. once you enter the cave fight your way to the end, where you will see a curved ramp, run up the ramp killing all the mobs along the way, then defeat the boss. I haven’t noticed this boss doing any special attacks or even any aoes.


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Botany Maps – Find herbs and level Botany

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Kalaires Plains

Wild Rose (Level 1)

Lavender (Level 1)

Violet Kelp (Level 2)

Sea of Oblivion

Date Palm (Level 2)

Parchment Grass (Level 2)

Violet Kelp (Level 2)

Cactus (Level 3)

Desert Rose (Level 4)

Golden Vine (Level 3)

Hyacinth (Level 3)

Sleeping Lotus (Level 3)

Lunagrant Woodlands

Agrimony (Level 4)

Violet Rose (Level 4)

Windsong Mum (Level 4)

Golden Lily (Level 4)

Rosemary (Level 4)

Moth Orchid (Level 4)

Gloomy Forest

Specter Lotus (level 5)

Blood Vine (Level 5)

Silver Lotus (Level 5)

Nocturnal Jade (Level 5)

Violet Clover (Level 5)

Hazed Wilderness

Frostblade Grass (Level 6)

Highland Moss (Level 5)

Nocturnal Jade (Level 5)

Violet Clover (Level 5)

Silver Lotus (Level 5)

Dreamland Petals (Level 6)

Sleeping Jungle

Jungle Moss (Level 6)

Dream Kelp*** (Level 6)

Illyfue’s Blessing (Level 7)

Twin Top (Level 7)

Catacombs Vine (Level 6) (Level 7)

Snake’s Core (Level 7)

Flare Lotus (Level 7)

Dew Grass (Level 7)

Blue Agave (Level 6)

Dreamland Petals (Level 6)

Green Berry (Level 6)

Cocoa (Level 6)

Peace Lily* (Level 1)

Flaming Lotus** (Level 3)

*Peace Lilys can be found in the Fort Rotulor instance along the walls, usually in corners as a green glow on the floor.

**Flaming Lotus can be found in the Lost Lighthouse instance along the edges of the water encompassing the lighthouse itself.

***Dream Kelp is found underwater, more specifically if you teleport to Jadegloss Lake and head north-east from the teleport stone you will fine a small hole in the wall of a large mound not far away, enter it and dive into the water then follow the dots on the map. In the underwater area is also a green teleport which will take you to another area that has more Dream Kelp (map not provided for this area).

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Alter of Time Guide

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The Altar of Time is a random spawn mini event that can be done 3 times per day.

It appears in Triumph Plain at random times, but near a player who is using Combat Assist.

This one spawned as marked on map:

Talk to the Altar in the centre:

…and take the quest:

The quest isn’t very clear on what you need to do, but you are basically playing a ‘higher or lower’ game. You need to select the correct ‘Time’.

To start, take a ‘number’. They are the Roman Numerals surrounding the Altar, the same as a Clock Face.

Roman Numerals are:


I = 1 

II = 2

III = 3

IV= 4

V = 5

VI = 6

VII =7

VIII = 8

IX = 9

X = 10

XI = 11

XII =12

I started with I or one

Then talk to the Altar again to ‘Imbue’ the time. Drag and drop the item in your inventory to the slot (the same as in Henry Pet Stone Quest).

I got a message in red telling me that the time was ‘Too Short’ so I now know that I or one is ‘too low’

I then picked V or five, and returned to Imbue this one:

As you can see, the red message again, this time telling me the time was ‘too long’ or too high.

So now I know that the time needed is inbetween 1 (my first attempt) and 5 (my 2nd attempt. I then picked 4 and was still told it was ‘too long’, so now the time needed is inbetween 1 and 3.

I then picked III or 3 and imbued and was rewarded:

4th Try


3g 62s 40c

The next time I saw this spawn was very soon after, in the same place, and I tried going right away for the last correct answer (III or three)

I was rewarded with:

First try!

So, 1st attempt and getting it right (lvl 80 character) =


43g 48s 80c

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Vampire Class Guide – Picking The Best Tree

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This is a guide for picking which tree of the Vampire is most suited to you. Please correct/add advice to help the people starting.

Vampire: No other race but Kindred may be a vampire. Vampires are damage dealers, damage over time, and support when needed. Regardless of what tree, always help heal when a player is losing health faster than the Priest can heal, or if the Priest him/herself is being attacked.

Vampires have the ability to deal massive amounts of damage and heal themselves and others. They wear Light Armor and have Crosses for weapons (although they don’t seem to use them during attacks.) They are spell based and have mid-range attacks (12 meters), whereas most spell casters have 18 meters.

Kindred exclusive spells.

The Trees

The three main trees for the Vampire are Blood, Dark, and Inferno.

Notice: As the Talent Calculator is down, I will replace them with re-edited builds once it comes back up. Stars are ratings on how desirable they are in instances, solo PvP, and group PvP.

Blood: Mainly a support tree, although they do very well in player vs player. Used for healing and surviving, expected to be main healers, especially in higher level instances. Tree exclusive spells are Seed of LifeBlood Curse and Withered Space.

Instances : * * * * *

PvP (solo) : * * *

PvP (group) : * * *

PvE: In instances, you are expected to be the healer by most of the population. As a Blood, you will have healing abilities to rival that of a Light Bard, or even a Priest in some cases. You also have the most survivability of all the trees, allowing you to take down World Bosses in some cases. In instances, alternate Seed of Life, Dark Contract, and Invigorate to keep the tank up. If you need to heal someone else, Seed of Life the tank to keep him up, and use Dark Contract/Invigorate to keep DDs from biting the dust. WARNING: Healing someone before they hit (attack) an aggro monster (has cross-swords over their head) will attract the monster to hit you. Make sure that the tank or DD has hit the mob/boss BEFORE trying to heal them. On a side note, Bloods are also some of the best tanks if the que party isn’t very tanky (consisting of Mages, Sins, MM, or people that simply don’t know how to tank).

To do this, cast Seed of Life then run in (after the adds have been killed) and hit the boss to aggro him to you. If the boss is AoE and you can spare some time, cast Seed of Life on youself and cast Dark Contract/Invigorate to keep the squishies from dying. Use Kiss or Feast to get some health for youself if all of your healing spells are on cooldown. Note: You will need LOTS of mana pots to pull this off properly.

PvP: Blood Vamps are very capable of outhealing damage being dealt to them by an opponent. Seed of Life alone can keep a Blood alive during a stun lock (granted you aren’t being zerged). Blood Curse cast during mass PvP helps prevent enemy Priests from healing as well. As I’ve never played a Blood in PvP, any other tactics, tips, tricks are welcome from veteran Bloods.

Luciferia, a well-known Blood Vampire, has made an in-depth guide for those interested in this tree.


Mythalic : “Sometimes, you can never out heal an assassin because of their arsenal of attacks, also frequent healing gives the opponent many chances to collect orbs and red hand. Blood curse is about as useful as dark-bonds on a priest.”

Dark: Used for damage dealing (spike damage) and/or player versus player. Has 1 second stun Charmed Strike (Max: 100% 1 second stun on first hit, 50% chance the second). Tree exclusive spells are Seed of DarknessMana Explosion, and Imp Form.

Instances : * * *

PvP (solo) : * * * * *

PvP (group) : * * *

PvE: Darks are mainly DDs when in instances as they are best at spike damage (Charmed Strike). Only if there is no Priest/Blood Vamp/Light Bard will a Dark HAVE to be a healer. Many people complain that they chose Dark because they want to be PvP l33t, but if there is no healer, you are the only toon that has a healing spell so use it. If you’re healer, Dark Contract the tank and Invigorate the DDs. During boss battles, debuff the boss as much as possible. Dark Curse (also adds 40% bonus to Charmed Strike, but heard it’s bugged right now), Dark Ripple to zerk mode, stack Blood Curse (Sigil), Dark Ripple (Dark Curse), Evil Flame (Flame Curse), then Charmed Strike to stack more Magic Flame and spike damage. Rotate Charmed Strike with Ripple (low cooldown) and Sigil in between CS cooldown. Throw an Invig on DDs or Dark Contract to Priests. Use Seed of Darkness to slow a single target and keep them from hitting the healer, or Feast to freeze mobs until party members hit them to pull aggro.

PvP: Darks shine in the area of PvP, as their Charmed Strike has a stun, Seed of Darkness has a silence (Max : 3 seconds), and an almost-spammable AoE (Mana Explosion). Every fight has different circumstances and different kinds of opponents. There is a guide currently being constructed specifically for Darks that I will list here until it gets stickied.


Mythalic : “I’ve changed to dark and this is my combo 

tactic 1 – warriors/assassins after they used their teleport skill and Protectors.

1) Dark ripple -> evil flame -> wraith kill

by then I should be at around 70% hp?

2) Dark ripple -> vampire’s sigil > dark bonds (lasts 9 seconds)

now I should be at around 30%hp or so

3) Dark contract -> invigoration -> seed of darkness -> dark ripple

ripple won’t do damage but this gives me a pretty high chance of going vampire state.

4)create distance -> dark ripple -> evil flame -> dark ripple -> feast

by now you should be in vampire mode, target should be debuffed from dark ripple.

5) Attack (preferably with skills that can trigger vampire) until the seed of darkness has faded out.

6) charmed strike > charmed strike > charmed strike > dark ripple > evil flame

alternatively you can charmed strike as soon as you see the silence from seed fade off.

You may not need to follow this idea perfectly as the target may die sooner or you may begin in vampire mode sooner, you can replace evil flame with mana explosion to help trigger vampire state. But this is a rough idea of applying seed of darkness and feast together in a duel.”

Inferno: Damage dealers (damage over time) and player versus player later game. Stacks damages and has a stun later in game (2 seconds). Tree exclusive spells are Seed of FlameInferno Bat, and Infernal Slaughter.

Instances : * * * *

PvP (solo) : * *

PvP (group): * * * * *

PvE: Infernos are one of the best in terms of damage over time. The healing rule still applies however, if there are no healing toons, you are healer. Infernos don’t spend as much time in mode as Bloods (for healing purposes) or Darks (for Charmed Strike) but only to stack curses and debuffs and keep them up. Wait til tank has aggro, Dark Curse, Seed of Flame (for the burning effect) Evil Flame, Ripple, Sigil, Evil Flame, repeat. If you zerk mode, use Flame, Ripple, Sigil again to stack the debuffs then use Seed of Flame to deal instant damage and burn. Note that if you are with another Vampire that is debuffing, your Dark Curse can reset theirs and erase the Magic Flame stacks, so try and rotate the spell casts. Help the healer by Ingiv the DDs and DC for squishies. Feast to root the healers’ add aggros.

PvP: Infernos are VERY hard to PvP with pre-Inferno Bat. Stacking damages just isn’t fast enough to kill the opponent before they kill you unless you are a pro-kiter and have the luck of the gods. As I’ve stopped leveling this toon, I’m rusty on PvP tactics for Infernos, so any vets are welcome to help. Also, Charmed Strike has a long cooldown, so use random quick spells in between the cooldowns.

There is an Inferno Guide currently being constructed by Reori.


Spells not Tree exclusive

Notice: These pictures are of my own spells. As I am Inferno, they will be different from other trees or even other Infernos. The main differences is the cooldowns, % of going into Vampire Mode, and prolonged spell times. The green text on the spells are dependent on what tree you are.

Scroll Skills

Notice: If there are any high level Vampires that have theses skills, please post a picture so that I may post it here.

After level 60, the only way to upgrade skills and learn new skills is by “Unsealing”them. Here are a list of scroll exclusive skills.

Recommended Jobs

Botanist, Alchemist, and Chef. These jobs will help you with your Mana problems throughout the game. You gain your first 3 job points at level 10, and more job points for other jobs through your main quests.

Botanist: Allows you to use a Spade to obtain herbs growing throughout the land. These plants can be used for Alchemy and Chef to make potions or food.

Alchemist: Using empty potion bottles bought from the Alchemist, herbs, and Vigor, you can make potions to restore your Health or Mana during battle. To upgrade your Alchemist cap, talk to the Alchemy Dealers. Once you hit level 5 Alchemist, you must upgrade using your guild’s base to progress to 6 and higher.

Chef: Using ingredients bought from the Chef, herbs/ingredients, and Vigor, you can make food and drinks to restore your Health or Mana outside of battle. Same for the Alchemist, you must talk to the Chef until level 5. Afterwards, you must use your base.


PvE: Bloodstones (Health), Ragefire(Attack), and Solarflares (Defence) can be useful on any build. Health is a must, especially if you accidentally take aggro/threat/hate and need to take a couple hits before the tank can take the monster off you. Attack is useful also if you aren’t a main healer/off-healer and need to damage deal to make those long boss fights shorter. Solarflares help to increase the defence as the Light Armor we wear makes us a bit squishy. Azureclouds (Mana) are optional as many Vampires debate if these help with the mana restraints.

PvP: Bloodstones, Ragefire, Eagle-Eye(Accuracy), and Mistshrouds(Evasion) work wonders. Bloodstones help a Vampire take a few more hits. Ragefire, of course, helps you hit the opponent as hard as you can. Eagle-Eyes are helpful for assassins, Marksmen, and any other class that has high evasion. Mistshrouds can also help with evasion debuffs and help keep the opponent from hitting you (although these are more of a personal preference). Optional gems can beGoldspark(Critrate) or Solarflares. Goldsparks are very expensive (at least on my server) but if you can afford them, by all means get them. They really help with the spike damage if you’re Dark. Solarflares are argued over if they help in PvP. Usually the opponent can stack attacks too quickly for your Def to do you much good, as fights are dependent over who can kill who the fastest. But if you think it will help, then go for it.

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Blood Vampire Guide and Overview

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This is a guide on the blood vampire tree, explaining how it works, what its role is in the game and how one can optimally build their vampire.

There are already a few other guides you could refer to (with first and foremost the general Vampire Guide by Vathaelia) that could be of use to blood vampires. A list of them is at the end of this guide.

Though I try to be as objective as possible, these still are my personal views – feel free to tell me if you think something is not right.

Focus And Role

The Blood tree is commonly referred to as the healing tree for vampires. However, while this is mostly correct, it is not exactly right. 

It would be more correct to say that Blood is the HP tree of vampires – because they specialize in everything that has to do with HP, be it heals, HP regen/leech or HP debuffs. It’s also heavily dependent on Dark elemental skills.

Out of all 3 trees of vampires – an already versatile class – one could say that Blood is the most versatile. While Inferno and Dark heavily concentrate on damage and debuffs, mostly disregarding the healing skills vampires have, Blood tries to balance between all different skills. However, the main focus is always healing and survivability.

Despite this, though, Blood’s dps does not suffer as much as one could imagine. It certainly is far from Dark, and much more Inferno in terms of damage output, however the ability of vampires to have burst damage outbreaks with Vampire Form and Charmed Strike, and Blood’s outstanding ability to self heal while still attacking, makes it so that Blood vampires can deal sufficient damage.

This mix of offensive ,defensive and support talents, together with the base abilities of vampires, makes it so that Blood vampires can effectively alternate between healer and damage dealer (and tank as well, under circumstances) when in a party, as well as being able to fill in almost any needed role whenever the need arises. The expression “Jack of all trades, master of none” immediately springs to mind – however, as one can adjust their skill rotation to suit specific needs, it’s not like Blood vampires cannot be perfectly capable main-healers/tanks/DDs if they need to – they just can’t fulfill many main roles at once, like for example tanking a tough boss and healing.

Of course, this diversity is not always there – certain talent and gear builds can heavily lean towards any of the above roles and/or make others not feasible.

Also, take notice that Blood vampires do not achieve their full potential until in much higher levels, so between levels 30 and 55 you might find yourself wondering if it was worth going down that tree.

Skills and Talents

Vampires generally have a big arsenal of skills in their disposal. Below, I will be commenting on each skill, its use, usefulness and Blood talents that affect it. 

(NOTE: I have chosen to list the talents by skill rather than in the order they appear in the talent tree, because I believe it’s pointless to discuss about their usefulness without directly linking them to the skills they affect and how these skills are used in the first place.

I have also not included detailed talent descriptions, because they can easily be found in the Talent Calculator*

Also, do not try compairing skills from the pictures, as most of them are of different levels and thus can easily mislead you)

*whenever they bring it back up.


Blessing of the Kindred

A skill perfectly cut out for all vampires, increasing masteries and hp. It has no cost and a long duration. Always keep it up.

Vampiric Kiss

A big HP leech + a medium duration silence, extremely helpful in PVP and a nice emergency self-heal as well. Do not waste it unless it’s the right time to use it – it has a very long cooldown.



A long cooldown skill that triggers vampire form. Vampire form is a buff that lasts for a max of 20 seconds, cannot be cleansed by opponents, and substantially increases your attack, HP and movement speed, as well as unlocking the skill Charmed Strike, making it so that all random debuffs are inflicted with 100% success and regening hp for every enemy you kill close to your level.

Almost every vampire skill has a random chance of triggering vampire form (most skills have a 10% base chance, while Fire skills have a 5% base chance and racials and Charmed Strike have 0% chance) so you’re better off keeping Vampire for when you’ll really need an instant triggering of vampire form (usually thats either when you’ll need a quick boost to escape or just before you go on a burst dps outbreak)

There are many Blood talents that have to do with Vampire Form:

Blood Demon: Increases the chance of the most widely used by Blood vampires skills to trigger vampire form. Not necessary early on, but by the time you reach lv55-60 maxing this talent will be an absolute must.

Blood Tie: Gives a big boost to healing power and hp regen when killing enemies under vampire form. A must for almost every Blood vampire.

Bloodpact: Hugely increases the crit heal chance of your 2 main heals under vampire form. This talent is probably the single most important talent in the Blood tree, so everyone should max it out.

Extended Bloodwork: If vampire form is triggered by a Blood specific (Blood Curse, Seed of Life) or mainly-Blood skill (Dark Contract, Vampire’s Sigil etc) this talent will make it so that it will last longer, giving the Blood vamp more time to re-trigger Vampire Form without actually ever leaving it. It’s a neat little talent, but there are probably better Blood talents out there.

Vampire’s Sigil

The main attack skill for Blood vampires. It regens a % of the vampire’s HP (note it just restores hp and doesn’t leech it off the target) as well as having a chance of casting an HP debuff on the target. It’s the skill that most of all gives Blood vampires their high survivability, and should be used as much as possible, especially when tanking.

The talents Blood Sign, Advanced Vampire’s Sigil and Insignia Energy increase the hp regen, reduce the cooldown and increase its base damage respectively, and should all be ideally maxed asap. The talent Evil Blood increases the duration and aggravates the effects of Blood Curse, with its usefulness being highly debatable.

Vampire’s Sigil works ideally if you’ve invested in a high hp gear build.

Dark Ripple

This attack skill sacrifices a small amount of hp (which gets added to the damage you deal) each time its cast, while having a chance to lower the accuracy of the opponent. It has a low cooldown and it deals Dark damage, making a good skill for Blood Vampires, who focus on the Dark element. Avoid it if possible when tanking strong monsters, and only use it if everything else is on cooldown, because it drains your hp and lowers your survivability. In casual damage dealing/ against easier opponents it doesn’t really matter.

Evil Flame

As a Fire skill, this attack clashes with Blood’s main element. However, it still is a powerful attack with a possibility to cast a nasty Damage Over Time effect on the opponent, that also reduces Fire resistance. Keep in mind it has 2s cast time instead of the usual 1s, so it might make you unable to react fast when being the healer in a party, which in turn can cost you a party member death.

Wrath Kill

A Dark attack skill that also leeches some hp off the opponent to heal you. It can aggravate any vampire curses already cast on the target, especially if Vampire Form is active. Preferably used in skill rotation after Vampire’s Sigil, Dark Ripple and Evil Flame have already been cast, to capitalize on its curse aggravation effect.

The talents Bloody Evil Death and Improved Wrath Kill increase the leeching and reduce the cooldown of the skill respectively. The latter also introduces a moderate bleed added effect for when a target hit by Wrath Kill has Blood Curse cast on them. The talents’ usefulness is not that important compared to others.

Hellfire Death

A Fire AoE attack. Despite having a long cast time, a short radius, a mediocre damage output and being of the wrong element, it still is the only spammable AoE a Blood Vampire has, and is quite useful when filling in the DPS roll in a party, or for when farming mobs. It can also cast Flame Curse – the same side effect as Evil Flame has – on any target it hits, which makes it all the more useful for the above purposes. Avoid using it when fighting a single enemy and when healing.

Shadow Scar

A Dark attack skill that drains a moderate amount of your hp (that gets added to your damage output) and hits twice. It can also inflict the same effect as Dark Ripple. A nice skill to throw in when filling the dps role and when you need some burst dps, but that’s about it. It’s also a very difficult skill to obtain (a random rare drop from the final boss of the lv65 instance Ancestral Catacombs). Avoid using it when tanking tough opponents or when healing.

Blood Sea

A Dark AoE attack with a relatively long cooldown. It’s the strongest AoE for the dark-based, Blood vampire. Like the other vampire AoE, Hellfire Death, it applies a DoT curse on the target(s), however unlike Hellfire Death it always applies its effect. It can also apply Blood Curse. If your other single target attacks are on cooldown, it is recomended to use it regardless if you have many targets or just one, because the DoT makes up for the mediocre direct damage and the total damage is decent, even on a single target.

Charmed Strike

A Dark attack skill that is only available while Vampire Form is active. The skill itself is not that much of a hard hit, however as you use it becomes stronger and stronger, while at the same time its cooldown increases (but still remains quite short). The end effect is a monstrous dps outbreak if you time all your skills correctly (a very nice skill rotation for maximizing dps is: VS->CS->CS->DR->CS->EF->CS->WK->VS->DR->CS). Beware that, if you do not use Charmed Strike fast enough, it will reset to base damage and cooldown. Charmed Strike should ideally be used every time it is available and you’re not busy healing. Especially when tanking, Charmed Strike is absolutely necessary in order to keep the aggro, considering that the regular DPS of Blood vampires is medium-low. It is also an extremely useful charge move in PVP, that breaks through ensnares and makes it really hard for anyone to escape/kite you.

Charmed Strike majorly benefits of talents that increase the time you spend in Vampire Form, like Blood Demon and Extended Bloodwork.

There are 2 talents directly associated with this skill: Extended Charmed Strike, which increases the skill’s range, and Bloody Evil Strike, which greatly increases the damage if the target is affected by Blood Curse, as well as healing you for a small amount for every strike performed. The usefulness of the first is debatable, but the latter is a must for those Blood vampires who want to focus a bit on their DPS/Tank aspects.

In case you do put points in Bloody Evil Strike, always remember, when Vampire Form is triggered, to cast Vampire’s Sigil before Charmed Strike so that the latter gets the added damage bonus.

Dark Curse

Inflicts enemies over an area with Dark Curse. Not to be mistaken for the side effect of Dark Ripple which bears the same name, it is a very handy curse that serves as an ideal opener in any fight. After casting it and for some time, each time the target is hit by a vampire skill (note: any vampire skill, not only yours) a stack of a DoT curse will be put on the target. As more stucks are put on the target, the DoT drastically increases. It is really important that you, as a Blood vampire, use Unquenchable Flames as much as possible as an opener – the added DoT is an immense help for a class like Blood vampire that has low direct dps. It is also a nice way to still do some dps to a boss while healing, or in a PVP fight while kiting or while being disabled/stunned/silenced.

If there is an inferno vampire in your party, let them keep Unquenchable flames up, because chances are they have a talent that gives their debuff extra effects.


One of the most powerful skills in the game, Feast is a big radius AoE ensnare/DoT with added self HoT. Additionally, it removes the stealth of assassins. Once you get into the middle of some enemies, Feast can create real havoc. Especially in group PVP, a well-timed Feast can secure an easy victory, as enemies are frozen in place and ranged damage dealers in your team can kill them easily without worrying of getting ganked.

Feast also ensnares the caster for a smaller amount of time, but it’s something you can break free of with Charmed Strike or Gale Wings.

Feast is also non-dispelable by enemy skills.

The talent Blood Feast increases the HP regen by a large amount and also gives a big defense boost, essentially making Feast able to be used as a shield. It is a neat little talent and a must for those who want to max the tank capability of their Blood vampire.

Gale Wings

Probably the coolest skill vampires have, that allows them to both kite/close distances with ease in PVP, and show off by reaching impossible places on various maps. Gale wings also negates ensnares and increases evasion for a short time.

The talent Batwing Shadow makes you immune to ensnare for a short time after Gale Wings is over – however, since vampires already have 2 ways to break free of ensnare, this talent is of little usefulness.

Dark Contract

The basic vampire heal, and also the vampire heal with the lowest cooldown. Not much more to say about it – it’s just a regular heal, with a small amount of hp lost each time you cast it.

The talent Advanced Dark Contract increases the healing power of this skill and also reduces its cooldown. Maxing it out is absolutely essential if you want to be able to heal yourself and your party properly. Max it as soon as you get the chance.


This is a tricky skill. What it basically is is a Heal Over Time skill, with a small hp cost upon each casting, however there is a catch – actually, a few of them : the target who receives the effect heals for a small amount of hp up to 4 times, but only each time a skill of his/her lands on an enemy (in simple words, each time they hit a target, they receive 1 heal – in case they hit multiple targets with an AoE, they receive as many heals as the targets they hit, always up to 4 heals total). However, the effect only lasts for 8 seconds, which means that it’s highly likely that they may not get all heals, especially against a stunning/disabling enemy. What’s more, even with all heals, the total amount healed is really low, not to mention that, being a HoT skill, it has little to offer in case of an urgent need for healing. For all intends and purposes, it’s just an emergency heal to toss out when everyone is dying and every other heal is in cooldown.

However, there is a third catch: the talent chain for Invigoration. There are 3 talents in this chain:

Blood Link: Increases the amount of HP sacrificed to cast the skill, but at the same time gives the healed person a major attack buff, that only lasts for as much as the skill effect is active though (which is 8s or 4 targets attacked, whichever comes first). Due to this extremely short duration, this talent is not really worth it (aside of course from the 1 point to unlock the rest of the chain, if you want to)

Bestow Life: This talent increases the hp of every person affected by Invigoration by a substantial amount for 20 seconds. Its usefulness is debatable, but it sure is the best talent in the Invigoration chain.

Fresh Blood: Increases the healing of invigoration by a small percentage – though it makes little difference, so this talent has little usefulness.

What all these talents do is actually turn Invigoration from a heal into a buff. Maxing everything out, and gearing strong on heal effect – which compliments HoT skills – can make this one of the best skills in the whole game, but the amount of talent points and gear bonuses required to do so will leave you lacking on other, much more important aspects…

Dark Bonds

A binding skill, immensly useful in PVP and moderately useful in PVE. It stuns a target for a moderately big amount of time, but also makes them immune to all damage and effects.

Use it when you see a lot of wrath orbs scattered around or when you really need a timeout to heal up. Very good for kiting/escaping as well.

In PVE, Dark Bonds have a larger duation and will allow you to pick up your herb/ore without actually having to waste time killing that annoying aggro mob which is after you.

Blood Rite

A fantastic hp/defense buff, that also majorly increases the effects of heals cast on you. It practically makes you nearly invincible for some seconds. Also, lets not forget how HP affects almost every skill you have. Especially casting a maxed out Feast after Blood Rite will probably keep you alive even if your opponent is a high dps class with full wrath.

Blood Rite->Vampire->Vampiric Kiss->Feast->Vampire’s Sigil and then spamming Charmed Strike is a skill rotation that, if unobstructed and at the right time, few opponents will survive in PVP.


Seed of Life

Your most powerful heal and the skill that puts Blood above the other vampire trees in terms of healing and survivability. It normally activates with a 5s delay (which makes it easier to not waste it’s healing power on minimal hp losses, but at the same time is infuriating when the priest in your party keeps healing the same person you use Seed of Life on) but activates immediately if the health of the target reached less than 50% of max HP, so there’s no worries of anyone dying because the heal didn’t heal them on time.

The main skill gets upgraded 3 times, at levels (30,45 and 60) at the cost of 1 talent point each time.

The talent Force of Life greatly increases its base healing power and crit rate.

Both the skill and the talent linked to it should be maxed if you want to be able to heal a group properly.

Blood Curse

Not to be confused with the debuff inflicted by Vampire’s Sigil, which bears the same name, Blood Curse is an AoE curse that puts everyone within a certain radius under congealed blood state for a limited time. Each time they are hit under that effect, their max hp drops by 4%, and effect stucks up to 5 times for a massive 20% hp debuff. Extremely useful as an opener in PVP.

Note that other versions of FW describe the skill as reducing the target’s hp by a max of 20% of the caster’s health – and it probably is true, in which case the skill is useless in PVE.

The main skill is a must, but spending 1 more point to upgrade it is highly unnecessary, as it just increases the Area it’s cast upon.

The talent Stagnate is a really nice PVP talent for mass PVP and 1v1 against healers, as it reduces the effects of heals cast upon everyone affected by Blood Curse.

Withered Space

An absolute must-have skill for those who want to walk the path of the healer, and very usefull for for everyone else as well, especially in PVP. Transforms you into a gargoyle allows you to heal others while healing yourself in the same time, which means that it’s an invaluable skill for situation where urgent healing for both you and the team is needed. That, combined with the 50% hp buff and the huge AoE mastery debuff can make it deadly in mass PVP.

If you combine it with Blood Rite you’ve got an insane HP boost, which in turn makes Feast and Vampiric Kiss – which you can use while under the effect of Withered Space – extremely powerfull.

In group pvp, using gale wings to get among the enemy group and dropping Blood Rite -> Withered Space -> Feast leaves opponents ensnared, with massive bleeding and with all resistances severely reduced. If you do this at the right time with the right party, that can be an instant win right there…


Blood Knowledge: Reduces mana required to cast healing skills by a moderate amount. It sure is useful for a “leveling” build early on, but sooner or later you’ll have to change it, as it adds nothing substantial to your abilities, and mana potions are cheap to buy at later levels.

Night Escape: Reduces aggro caused by heals by a substantial amount. It’s a nice talent for those who devote themselves to the way of the healer, but it adds nothing substantial to your capabilities. It also limits your tanking abilities. All in all, Blood vampires should be able to easily handle stealing aggro (which will never happen if you have a good party anyway)

Hasted Healing: Decreases the cooldowns of Seed of Life and Invigoration by a lot. An absolute must for those who want to max out their healing ability.

Ritual Time: Increases the duration of Blood Rite by a moderate amount of time, and the healing amount of Seed of Life and Dark Contract by a small percentage of your max hp.

Blood Rite does not really need any duration increase in the first place (actually 15s is more than enough to take all you want from it) and the extra healing is low even with epically high max HP.

All in all, a talent of limited usefullness.

Surging Blood: Increases max MP by a set number, and HP by 2/4% plus a set number. Whether it’s worth it or not is debatable, but it sure is a good talent to have in a Blood Vampire geared heavily for HP.

Blood Fever: While Blood Rite is active, gives added speed and mastery buffs to Dark Contract and invigoration, as well as added speed and mastery debuffs to Vampire’s Sigil. It’s useful in PVP, not so much in PVE, and it requires at least 1 point to be put into the not-so-good Ritual Time.

There are probably better talents, but it’s still good to have in certain builds.

Blood Tie Extension: An absolute must-have talent that increases both the range and the healing power of healing skills. Extremely useful in all situations.


Hybrid builds in Forsaken World are generally not recommended, because they always end up in missing some key talents from your main tree.

However, if you end up with a few talents to spare and no talent in the Blood tree that catches your eye, then how do you spend those points?

I would suggest avoiding inferno: the Dark element of the Blood tree and the Fire of Inferno clash, unless you’ve got enough money to work on both masteries (and even then it’d be better to spend them all in Dark mastery, or somewhere else)

This leaves us the Dark tree – which obviously has a matching mastery… And in the first row, there is a perfect talent: Demon of Darkness.

Think about it for a second: Maxing both Blood Demon and Demon of Darkness gives almost all your skills a 20% chance of triggering Vampire Form, and a whopping 30% in the case of Dark Contract… tempting, isn’t it?

Also, 2 points on Advanced Dark Ripple can be useful (not more, because then you’ll have the skill get out of cooldown faster than you’ll be able to spam it, and that’d be a big waste of points).

Putting points in Force of Shadow is debatable, since it would increase the crit rate and not base damage, while at the same time turning dark ripple into an hp-hungry skill, kind of negating the high survivability of the blood tree…

Also, if you are interested to know my personal build:

There are many stats that one can choose to build up in their character (through base stats, added bonuses, gear identification gems and mastery training) but what stats are best suited for a blood vampire?

-HP: This is almost mandatory – once you decide to start gearing up seriously, there is absolutely no excuse for not having every gear having an hp added bonus and for not having 1 Bloodstone in every gear. There is a % of HP in almost every skill vampires have, adding damage and/or regen, or improving buffs/heals. Especially for Vampire Sigil, Feast and Vampiric Kiss, hp makes a big difference.

For the rest of the stats, it’s up to each person’s choice.


-Attack: Though expensive to pursue, an attack build can make a blood vampire a tough opponent. Heals and high dps is a combination that can be deadly if done right. It’s the stat of choice for those who want to focus more on the DPS aspect of a blood vampire.

-Defense: It is the stat of choice for those who want to focus more on the tank aspect of a blood vampire. Coupled with the big hp regen of a blood vampire, it can make you almost invincible in PVE and can help in PVP, though it certainly is one of the least effective stats in PVP.

-Evasion: Generally stat of choice for those who want to focus on PVP rather than PVE. An evasion/hp blood vampire can be extremely hard to kill in PVP, because they are hard to hit and by the time you manage to land a second hit on them they will have probably already regened to full hp. However, evasion builds generally do not fare as well in pve.

-Elemental attack/mastery: Generally, El. mastery is preferred to El. attack because, as mastery is % based, small amounts of it usually increase damage more than much bigger numbers of elemental attack. However, always make a quick calculation before deciding what to choose, because sometimes the opposite might just be true.

Of course, always reject anything that is not dark mastery/attack, as fire mastery has barely any effect on a blood vampire’s dps.

-Critical Chance/Damage: This is a build that you have to fully devote yourself -and also invest lot of money- into, if you want it to be effective. And that is because critical chance and damage do not make much difference until you start putting high level crit gems and start getting gear with crit bonuses and IDs. Blood vampire surely isn’t the best class to make this build – since they do not really rely on DPS to win in PVP. Moreover, attack has a better effect than crit in PVE, but still a crit build done correctly can cause havoc in both 1v1 and group PVP – which is where the difficulty in this game lies anyway.


-Accuracy: It’s a nice stat to have against players with high evasion and/or accuracy debuffs… but that’s about it. Against everyone else extra accuracy is mostly useless. And same for PVE.

-Heal Effect: It’s a good stat for those who want to go the way of the healer all the way… but then again if they wanted that they’d probably be happier rolling a divine priest. Heal effect generally does more bad than good in everyone but Elf Divine priests. Of course, if you have a heavily talented Invigoration, then Heal effect might actually be for you.

-Critical Dodge: It’s good for a full-defensive build, but even then it only qualifies as 3rd or 4th best choice… It’s better to make sure you take regular hits with no problems, and only then you should bother with dodging the critical ones.


-Critical Defense: For all intents and purposes, it’s a waste of a gem slot.

-Critical Heal Chance: Useless when one of the Blood heals has 55% crit chance, and crit heal on gears is 1-2% at most…

-MP: There is absolutely nothing MP can help a vampire do better… there are always cheap pots -which you’ll always have to use no matter how much max mana you have- everywhere except in Arena, and in Arena there are mana fountains randomly spawning for the odd time you’ll run out of MP

There are essentially 2 types of pets: the more tanky ones, with high hp and defense and moderate attack, and the dps ones, with high attack and moderate hp and defense. Though in the end they make little difference, unless you get their talents close to max… 

So my advice is: pick the one from the pets close to your level that looks the best! A dps pet is probably more suitable for a tanky, low damage class like Blood vampire, but it doesn’t really matter that much, since there are pet skills that can give you that DPS anyway.

As for pet skills… it’s up to your personal preference. Just avoid support skills that heal, because that would be a waste of your own healing abilities (hp leech/siphon is still a nice choice for an offensive slot though)…

Note that the Invigoration pet skills, that boost hp, work best with tanky pets, and the Brute Force ones with dps pets.

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5 Ways to Make Gold in Forsaken World

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In online games, making money is crucial for your character development. Here are some of the best ways to make gold in Forsaken World. This is for players who have enough time online, not focusing on leveling fast and trying to spend less real money on the game.

1 Crafting: In Forsaken World every 24 hours online will give you 12*24=268 energy points or vigor points. So you can get 6~7 groups of items by crafting. In the game the price for each groups of items is around 3 Gold, which, in turn, yields 18~21 Gold per day through crafting.

2 Catching Pets: Drop 3 visits to the pet instance every day in Forsaken World. You will gain a small fortune with a blue pet, while green pets are worth 2 Gold. With three visits you will catch at least 5~6 green ones. Moreover, you can go to the field to catch talent pet, in the game you could catch 130~150 talent pets every day, with the price of 20 Silver each, gives you a stable income of 35~40 Gold per day. Depending on your luck, you may also catch blue ones.

3 Farming: Mainly by farming Moon Stone in Forsaken World, with conservative estimate, you can get at least 12 Moon Stones per hour, 200 per day. As everyone knows, the way to farm in the game is to kill elite mobs and then switch realm. Other loots from elite mobs and collectable items around are bonuses. In Forsaken World now Moon Stones worth 20~25 Sliver each, which gives you 40~50 Gold per day by selling them alone. I remember there was a guy, who earned 70 Gold a day during closed beta game testing; the price of Moon Stone was only 15 Sliver at that time.

4 Instance: This way depends on your luck. Begin with “The lost pharos” instance; ensure 5 visits to there per day. Each visit will give you around 7 blue loots, so 5 visits will give you 35 blue loots. Each blue item worth around 3 Gold, then 35 items yields 110~120 Gold. Each player can get around 20 Gold. If it’s “Mars”, each blue loot worth at least 5 Gold, since those loots can be used with disenchant and recharge, so at 5 visits per day, each player can get around 40 Gold. If you are lucky enough you can get a purple item, and that means a lot of money. If you have a regular team then this way cost fewer time and only have little impact to leveling.

5 World BOSS: This is the most recommended method. This is for players who invest a little in the early stage of the game, love PVP, familiar with respawn intervals of bosses. Plus in early stage of the game death doesn’t cost much. Bosses with 24 hour respawn interval will have purple loots; other bosses have a chance to drop purple loots, high-end items and soul crystal. Purple items have high value and people exchange them with crystals, some purchase best quality purples with real money. World bosses have a high chance to drop Destroy set and soul crystal, which worth more than 50 gold each. I once got 11 soul crystal per day by farming the fat boss, each of our raid member got more than 100 gold.

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Sleepwalking Troll Guide and Locations

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The Sleepwalking Troll is a random spawn mini event.

It appears in Triumph Plain at random times, but near a player who is using Combat Assist.

This one spawned as marked on map:

He is accompanied by some ‘Spirits’ who seem as confused as he is!

Check out his buff icon:

If you are a real heavy hitter, the Spirits can help you!

Simply kill one and receive it’s ‘buff’

Be aware, mages, ice arrow won’t slow him!

and don’t anger him, you won’t like him when he’s angry [yes, lame Incredible Hulk Quote]

I found that if you want to kill him in a reasonable amount of time, the easiest way I found was to stow your pet and just use auto attack.

My auto attack was doing on average:

More Sleepwalking Troll Locations

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Guide for Heptameron Books – Nightfall Citadel Locations

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You can now complete the Heptermeron achievement by collecting 7 Books hidden throughout Nightfall Citadel.

Once you have collected a book, you can turn them in to the NPC Ariston. He is located in Nightfall Citadel.

Once you have collected them all, talk to him again:

You will get the Heptameron Book!

Right Click to read/add

Get your Achievement!


Magic Academy, next to the telescope

A Child’s Smile
Magic Airship (fly up or teleport up) on the table

Tears of Pharaoh
On the wall next to NPC Azora Starlight (Crystal Light Exchanger)

Amethyst Soul
On the Alchemists table, in the Rosemason Hall NPC Rachel

At Sundown Theatre, on a bench seat

Crystal Crypt
In the Mercury Marketplace, on the Food Dealer Counter. NPC Faye

Spring of Love
In Charlie’s Tavern, on a table, bottom floor

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Sorrow Bears Guide and Locations

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The Sorrow Bears is a random spawn mini event.

It appears in Triumph Plain at random times, but near a player who is using Combat Assist.

This one spawned as marked on map:

Sorrow Bears Location

The bears run along a route, all in a line.

Kill the bears and gather up the ‘Bear Heart Tears’ they drop.

You will not need to click on them, as they will vanish from your inventory after a few moments and give you

Below are more positions of all the bears.

More Sorrow Bear Locations

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6v6 Arena – Warrior POV

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This 6v6 is the point of view of a warrior. Along with the warrior, there is also a priest, mage, protector, marksman, and another warrior.

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3v3 Arena – Assassin POV

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Trial of Glory Walk Through

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The below video will walk you through the Trial of Glory Instance.

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